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10 Questions About ASO Keyword Research – ASO Keywords

ASO Keyword Research

App Store Optimization ASO Keyword Research

ASO Keyword research is a part of App Store optimization, which is the process to increase the visibility of any product to acquire and retain more users. As much higher will be the rankings, as greater will be number of downloads, and as better will be your ASO. ASO Keyword research is the first for App Store optimization. It’s like the base of any product, so if you have done great job with the basics, you can do anything amazing in next steps of product life cycle. If you are looking for free ASO keyword research tool then you are on the right place. Let’s start!


=> As Better Visibility

=> As Higher will be Number of Acquisitions

=> As Better will be your ASO (App Store Optimization)


1. What is keyword research in ASO?

ASO Keyword research is the technique to find the best keywords for Android & iOS products. Best keyword means that search queries that have higher traffic and low competition. If you have a keyword that no one is using but users are searching that you are the winner here without any aggressive marketing etc. Simply, Higher Traffic & Low Competition are the keys for best ASO keyword research.



2. How do I search for keywords in ASO?

We can find keywords from user queries and competitors metadata. Go to Apennine, search by competitor package name and click on ASO keyword research section on the left sidebar. You can change location to find different ASO keywords for the same app. You can also find localized keywords in formerly known as AppAnnie. It’s the best in ASO tools for fetching search keywords for any app/game.


Second type of keywords can be extracted from meta data of competitors. Just put the link in any keyword density checker tool and extract them all. Do the same process for at least 10 apps and you will have bundle of keywords in your hands.


so there are two type of keywords based on user interest:

  1. User queries
  2. Competitor targeting


ASO Keyword Research



3. How do I research keywords in App Store?

Mostly people ask about App Store Keyword research. It’s the same but targeting is different. Go to appannie, extract keywords and then target in title, sub title, promotional text and keywords section. ASO keyword research for app store is the same almost, but there’s different of traffic and difficulty. If you find one best keyword, you don’t need to go for more like Google Play, because it’s never easy to beat someone who have used it before others.



4. Can I do keyword research for free?


Yes, ASO Keyword research is 100% free. Appannie keywords extraction is free, keyword density checker tools are free and the next traffic and difficulty checker from sensor tower is also free. So you can enjoy free keywords but will use multiple tools to extract them. If you want any paid tool for keywords research then you can go for the apptweak. In my opinion apptweak does it job best if you need an app store keyword generator. They are providing all kind of suggestions and possible keywords for any genre.


ASO Keyword Research


5. How do I find low competition keywords in Play Store?

Google Play Suggestions are the  best place to find best long tail keywords. You can change location by placing following code at the end of URL. You can also use LSI keyword research tools to find all keywords that are coming in auto suggestion of Google Play.


&gl=us You can change the us to any country that you want to chose like for India write &gl=in, for canada &gl=ca and so on. Sensor Tower gives app store keyword search volume and traffic, to easily categorize your keywords.


ASO Keyword Research



6. How do you find keywords for mobile apps?

We can find mobile app keywords from competitor mobile apps. We have just to extract which keywords they are using and which they are searched by in Appannie and Keyword density checker tools. For more read my Best Keyword research article.


ASO Keyword Research



7. What is metadata in ASO?

Meta Data is the placement for targeting keywords like Title, Sub Title, Short Description, Full Description and so on. So the meta data for iOS will be including Title, Sub Title, Promotional Text, keywords section and full description. Apps Meta data is some how the same as websites like titles and content but in Apps we can use heading.



8. How do I search for keywords in Google Play?

We can research for keywords in Google Play by auto suggestions, and changing location by &gl=us etc. You can change the US by any country two letters short code. Extract all the long tail keywords from Google play keyword suggestions and then find the traffic and difficulty.

As lower the competition, as better will be your ASO.


9. How many types of keywords are there for Apps?

We can categorize keywords by the following way.

ASO Keyword Nature

  1. Searched by user
  2. Targeted by competitor

ASO Keyword research

  1. Primary Keywords (High traffic, low difficulty)
  2. Secondary Keyword (High traffic, mid difficulty or low traffic and low difficulty, mid traffic, mid difficulty)
  3. Supplementary Keyword (Low traffic, mid difficulty, high traffic, high difficulty)


Length Wise ASO Keywords

Mostly ASO people refer to these type of keywords, but it’s for SEO not ASO, still we can still take just two types for ASO


  1. Short Tail keywords (Seed Keywords)
  2. Long tail Keywords (LSI Keywords)

but mostly long tail keywords have low traffic so that’s why we try to get ranked by seed keywords or short keywords.

Try to get multiple combination of keywords to get your seed keyword ranked.


10. How do you rank up in ASO?

Target Primary and secondary keywords in your meta data, and then push with search based ads and get some contextual backlinks. These steps will increase your ranking and you will get some search downloads. Now focus on conversion rate, retention, session time, rating, reviews and other KPIs to maintain rankings.


Hope, you have enjoyed today’s 10 ASO Keyword research Tips. Please suggest me a new topic in the comment section.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge .You should write a blog on different ASO approaches or strategies for games or apps and their main differences.

  2. You are always welcome. Basic ASO for App and game strategies is almost same but the users persona is different. We can target them with different marketing strategies and product design. I will share a detail blog post about this topic. Thank you so much for valuable feedback. Stay connected with ASOBuzz!

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